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Move With Your Customers

Now more than ever, amidst a global pandemic, people are leaving crowded cities and opting for a more suburban lifestyle where housing is more affordable, the risk of human interaction is less, and working from home is the new norm. Irrespective of what we’re seeing in recent months however, people are always moving. As marketers, Read More Move With Your Customers

ADA and the Web

Our Guest blogger this week is Kim Planet, Chief Solutions Architect, Kalio Web accessibility lawsuits are occurring at an alarming pace. Understanding the legal and technical guidelines of what is mandated is often tricky and confusing. Although the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) laws don’t formally specify compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Read More ADA and the Web

The Last Step for Success

In the last two blogs written by Michelle Houston, she covered the importance of using Contribution Per Order (CPO), instead of ROAS when evaluating the performance of marketing programs. At the end of one of those blogs, she talked about the importance of also assessing and understanding the significance of lifetime value (LTV) as part Read More The Last Step for Success

Let the Results Do the Talking

Last week I wrote an article about why Contribution Per Order (CPO) should be the critical revenue metric that businesses use rather than Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). As a reminder, while ROAS is an efficient measuring metric, it cannot assign health to a channel, making it a relatively useless tool. In contrast to ROAS, Read More Let the Results Do the Talking

Why ROAS is Not a Useful Metric

More often than not, we engage with seasoned ecommerce professionals tasked with running print programs while simultaneously holding some measure of responsibility for Profit & Loss statements. And as such, they tend to look at performance metrics with a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) lens instead of a more critical metric – Contribution Per Order Read More Why ROAS is Not a Useful Metric

Proactive Steps for Your Marketing Plans

A serious and unprecedented pandemic calls for calm, reason, and realism. As leaders, it’s essential to remember that engaging in contingency planning and caring for our clients and employees should be our top priority. As global events continue to unfold, we felt it essential to gather our thought leaders together to guide and advise appropriate Read More Proactive Steps for Your Marketing Plans

COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

The economy expands and contracts in response to thousands of independent variables – one such variable, the COVID-19 coronavirus, is just the latest in a long list of examples. Still, periods of economic and social instability can be a scary time. In the interest of recalling lessons from past periods of uncertainty and helping brands Read More COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

Holiday Results Are In! And They Might Surprise You

Hardly a day goes by without a business pundit predicting the demise of another retailer and whether brands continue to be relevant to consumers. This holiday season, our retailers continue to fight that narrative with a variety of strategies and tactics with a mixture of results. Now that the season is almost over for online Read More Holiday Results Are In! And They Might Surprise You

Holiday Marketing Check List – Check it Twice!

The final push of the Holiday season is quickly approaching! Can you believe that Thanksgiving just under a week away?! By now, most of your Holiday catalogs are already at the printer and on their way to mailboxes, but that doesn’t mean you should be sitting back and waiting for the orders to roll in. Read More Holiday Marketing Check List – Check it Twice!