Postal Retargeting Management

In today’s cluttered marketing environment, many retailers are challenged to find innovative ways to stand out in the print and digital marketplace. The beauty of triggered postcards is that they enable businesses to automatically send personalized communications to customers at a specific time based on your website browsing behavior and actions taken, like adding items to a shopping cart, engaging heavily with specific category pages, etc. By performing such actions, customers show that they are now in the business’ sales funnel. With this knowledge, the triggered postcard program can tailor content to fit that specific customer. Engaging customers in this manner ultimately drives dramatic improvements in conversion and customer experience.

To use this program effectively, you first need to understand what it is and how it fits into your overarching marketing plans. Triggered postcards capture real-time data and turn it into executable campaigns within a specific window of opportunity with customers and prospects before it closes. You can reach highly qualified customers and prospects whose attention is at the peak of their online purchasing interest with relevant merchandise and creative via print.

A marketer now can generate direct mail pieces based on variables that might include multiple product pages viewed by the user, how much time they spend on site, various search terms, shopping cart behavior, etc. The site viewers are then filtered through customized business rules that determine which user patterns should generate which postcards. These rules can include prior purchase, frequency capping, list suppression, geo-targeting, promotional A/B testing, and the like.

Using triggered programs allow you to stay connected to your customer and always be top of mind, leading to higher retention rates, increased sales, and greater brand awareness.

At CohereOne, we can help you with your strategies and tactics to help you test, retest, and roll out this program seamlessly and effectively. We can help you decide on where to move marketing dollars and work with your teams to kick off this program the right way to maximize ROI from the start!