Michelle Houston

Senior Vice President, Strategic Services

Michelle Houston, Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy, is an integrative marketing executive with a 20+ year proven track record. Michelle has dedicated her career in guiding brands in innovative ways by combining strategy and data-driven insights with honesty and transparency.  Working with companies from small to large, Michelle is focused on developing and integrating cross-channel marketing plans that maximize contribution revenue while meeting budgeted ROI goals. Her hands-on experience with digital marketing programs combined with in-depth catalog and print marketing experience makes her a valuable partner.

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Is Your 0-12 Month Customer File Shrinking?

If you’re unsure about the answer to this question, I strongly advise you to pause for a moment and check. In light of the persistent rise in inflationary expenses, many brands are cutting back on their acquisition efforts without closely monitoring the potential shrinkage of their customer file. To illustrate this point, consider the case Read More Is Your 0-12 Month Customer File Shrinking?

Maximizing Holiday eCommerce Conversions

Last week, we discussed improving email programs to ensure retailers are ready for the busy holiday season. Today, let’s dive deeper and explore strategies for maximizing eCommerce conversions during this critical time of year. To achieve goals, retailers must be strategic, customer-centric, and proactive. Below are some key strategies to consider as we aim to Read More Maximizing Holiday eCommerce Conversions

Is Your Email Program Ready For A Competitive Holiday Season?

Reviewing email programs for the holiday season is crucial to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are optimized for this busy and competitive time of year. The holiday season presents a unique opportunity to engage with your audience, drive sales, and strengthen customer relationships. To make the most of this season, brands should ensure your Read More Is Your Email Program Ready For A Competitive Holiday Season?

Beware the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse!

2021 is a perfect storm providing four challenges: Paper: inventory is limited, prices continue to rise; Postage: Mismanagement at the USPS continues to drive annual increases; PPC Inflation: privacy and competition are driving cost upward; Pandemic: while consumer confidence is still high, fears of inflation loom large. However, even the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Read More Beware the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse!