Michelle Houston

Executive Vice President, Strategic Services

Michelle Houston, Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy, is an integrative marketing executive with a 20+ year proven track record. She delivers results and quickly adapts to new challenges with the initiative to identify and seize opportunities.  Her proven ability to set strategic planning and execution in an ever-changing marketing environment will lead companies to deliver significant results. Working with companies from large to small, Michelle is focused on developing and integrating cross channel marketing plans that maximize revenue while meeting budgeted ROI goals.  Her on-hands experience with digital marketing programs combined with in-depth catalog marketing experience makes her a valuable resource within any organization.

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COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

The economy expands and contracts in response to thousands of independent variables – one such variable, the COVID-19 coronavirus, is just the latest in a long list of examples. Still, periods of economic and social instability can be a scary time. In the interest of recalling lessons from past periods of uncertainty and helping brands Read More COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

Holiday Results Are In! And They Might Surprise You

Hardly a day goes by without a business pundit predicting the demise of another retailer and whether brands continue to be relevant to consumers. This holiday season, our retailers continue to fight that narrative with a variety of strategies and tactics with a mixture of results. Now that the season is almost over for online Read More Holiday Results Are In! And They Might Surprise You

Print is the New Digital Champion

Recently, I sat down with Lois Brayfield, CEO of J.Schmid, to chat about challenges and opportunities around brand position across channels. During this conversation, she mentioned the phrase, “Print is the New Digital Champion” and how they are using this in their client conversations. That discussion and Brent Niemuth’s video resonated with me so much Read More Print is the New Digital Champion

It Pays to Incorporate Segmentation

This year at our annual Integrated Marketing Summit, I taught a workshop discussing the ways retailers should incorporate segmentation to boost topline sales and increase bottom-line profits. Segmentation and relevancy would also help to counteract the continued decline in open and click-through rates as indicated in our annual benchmark report below. As the volume of Read More It Pays to Incorporate Segmentation