Marketing Assessment

Our brand engagements begin with a helpful assessment to learn about the health of your business, and to discover opportunities for significant and measurable growth. Read more below, or click here for specific details.

Should I be using the direct mail channel? If I am already, am I mailing too much or not enough?

The key to running a successful data-driven marketing program is knowing how to maximize ROI or ROAS when deploying advertising dollars. If you’re using direct mail, we’ll review your contacts and cadence strategy to find opportunities to increase both top line sales and bottom line profits. If you’re not using direct mail, perhaps it’s time to test! Our assessment will determine how and when to do so.

How should I communicate with my existing customers to increase engagement? 

The data you possess about your customers is your company’s most treasured asset. Segmentation and corresponding offer and relevancy increase engagement metrics and decrease fatigue. This translates into improved ROI. Our assessment will determine how well you’re leveraging this asset.

What more could I be doing to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation?

Activation, reactivation and retention are three key tenets for smartly engaging with your customer groups. We understand the needs of a healthy and growing customer file and will set forth plans and strategies to ensure the right course of action.

How can I find the best prospect audiences?

Marketing isn’t about optimizing ad channels – it’s about reaching the most responsive audiences with relevant messages. It’s not a channel that makes a purchase, it’s a customer. We’re pioneers in advanced audience development, and we continue to find our clients the most responsive prospect audiences.

How can I integrate my brand’s marketing efforts and customers’ behaviors to increase sales?

Direct mail and digital advertising channels are complimentary with each having its strengths and weaknesses. When these efforts are integrated, your engagement and campaign performance indicators will improve. More importantly, your customers will be delighted!