About Us

CohereOne is a integrated direct marketing agency with one purpose: to help our clients win. We understand our client’s need for a cohesive marketing approach combining forward thinking and integrated strategies for catalog, print and digital media to increase sales, profits and growth.

Members of our team have been CEOs and senior team members of large, successful direct to consumer and/or B2B businesses, so we bring a perspective that most “marketing” companies do not. We combine vast practical experience with talented staff, intelligent tools, analyses and insights to help our clients’ drive winning marketing and merchandising strategies. We firmly believe:

  • Marketing is about understanding and reaching the right consumers, not “optimizing channels.” Customers make purchases, not channels.
  • Data is valuable when it drives specific strategies and tactics with measurable results. Without a strategy and a way to measure it, data just takes up space.
  • Execution is targeting the right customers and prospects with integrated catalog, print and digital campaigns to meet ROI goals.

In particular, we are dedicated to helping direct and digital marketers incorporate the concept of “intent” into their marketing and merchandising execution. Transactional history is valuable, indeed. But it is history. Consumers continuously leave us digital “clues” about what and when they intend to buy next. We use these clues to enhance historical data and improve our clients’ marketing and merchandising programs, both online and off.Contact us today and learn how we can help you win!

So what’s our Story?

CohereOne’s origins date back to 1994 with the founding of LENSER, a CRM agency providing marketing consulting and services to multichannel retailers. After years of growth and evolution, LENSER was rebranded in 2014 as CohereOne, to form a new kind of full service agency—one that values our direct response heritage, but integrates rapidly changing digital and social media with catalog and direct mail to maximize customer retention and acquisition.  Our sole concern is the growth and profitability of our clients’ businesses. We assembled an extraordinary team of direct marketing professionals with vast experience and a history of success in building both catalog and ecommerce brands. We are constantly helping clients evaluate and execute a broad variety of opportunities, and seek out best of breed tools to aid in that execution.

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