Tom Blake

Senior Vice President, Strategic Services

Tom Blake joined CohereOne as Vice President of Marketing Strategy in 2017. He performs a variety of roles including account oversight, strategic marketing reviews, and delivery of sophisticated digital and print marketing services. Tom began his marketing career with L.L. Bean, then moving to Lilian Vernon, PetEdge, and TravelSmith Outfitters. In 2007, he joined LENSER where, for six years, he served as a marketing manager assigned to some of the most complex accounts. Before joining CohereOne, he gained valuable experience as director of both print and digital marketing at Performance Bicycle and Mountain Khakis.

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Planning in Chaos

One day three statisticians went hunting in Maine. Out overlooking an open meadow, they spotted a deer, and the first one took a careful shot but missed by a yard to the left. Miraculously the deer never moved, allowing the second to take his shot, this time missing by a yard to the right. The Read More Planning in Chaos

Video Killed The Radio Star!

If you’re familiar with that song, it may be with you for a few days now—for that I’m very sorry. Someone put it in my head a few days ago while I was traveling, and it’s been stuck with me ever since. You understand the message of the song though, right? An emerging technology coming Read More Video Killed The Radio Star!

The YOU in Team

The retail landscape has become more complicated over the years, but as direct marketers, our mission remains the same: to find a group of people that desires a set group of products or services and lead them to a place where they can learn more about them (a store, website, etc.). I call it “inviting Read More The YOU in Team

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Kind of a dramatic quote to begin a discussion about data, but this is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned throughout my 20+ years as a data analyst. I had no idea how lucky I was early in my training to be taught by some great leaders; along the way I discovered that Read More With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility