Direct Mail Campaign Management

CohereOne is expert in targeting the right customers and responsive prospects with integrated print and digital media campaigns. We maximize profitability and meet ROI goals through optimum customer contacts. We apply our expertise to lists, cooperative databases, and digital audiences to efficiently grow your customer base. We use advanced techniques, including modeling of transactional and digital behavior. With CohereOne performing these mission-critical tasks as an out-sourced resource, you are assured of unsurpassed quality with a dedicated team of professionals standing behind you.

We drive data-driven catalog campaigns to drive higher sales, profits and growth by performing the following:

  • Determine the role of direct mail, catalog, and other digital programs to understand each channel contribution
  • Evaluate the incremental value of the catalog and how this relates to all channels
  • Apply traditional catalog methodologies to mail smarter
  • Perform regression modeling to mail deeper and more intelligently
  • Manage multiple customer profile predictors for better ROI
  • Create Advanced Audience Development with co-ops and outside list sources
  • Incorporate digital intent behavior in RFM schema
  • Understand and leveraging web acquisition behavior
  • Manage and leveraging email non-responders
  • Build lapsed and reactivation buyer series across multiple channels leveraging data and behavior
  • Optimize seasonal customer contacts
  • Build comprehensive New Mover Program leveraging data and behavior
  • Incorporate promotional and other tests using best in practice methods using proper A/B testing methodologies
  • Prepare list of lists, merge instructions, and manage the merge
  • Select names for mailings and coordinate delivery of mail files to bindery
  • Provide other data services, modeling, analytics and reporting as needed
  • Report on results and make recommendations for future contact strategies and modification of future circulation tactics

Catalog marketing programs are one of your most expensive and brand centric programs for retailers.  Therefore it is vitally important that retailers elevate their catalog programs with seasoned marketing experts that can reduce marketing expense while generating more growth and profits.