Using Web Browsing Activity to Reactivate Your Catalog Housefile

Over the past six months, CohereOne has tested NaviStone lapsed customers reactivation with many of our clients whose websites are tagged with NaviStone visitor tracking technology. The goal of this testing is to determine the validity using NaviStone reactivation compared to reactivation via cooperative database reactivation or optimization modeling.  We will continue to report on these tests as results come in.

For the client data below, we only tested 25+ month buyers, as we typically mail the entire 0-24 month buyer file for each drop.  The reactivation pool was 434,101 lapsed buyers.

The NaviStone Segments are broken out and tracked by most active browsers (Segment 1) down to the least active (Segments 3-5). We mailed ALL of the NaviStone segments, then sent the balance of the 434,101 records to a co-op for optimization.  Only the best segment of the co-op scoring was mailed consisting of 21,941 records.  We also Nth out another 21,866 records from the remaining reactivation pool to see how they would perform in comparison to the NaviStone selected and model selected records. Results are below:

Reactivation MMorton Article Chart

The NaviStone segments indexed well above the co-op reactivation group as well as the names mailed with no additional scoring. Since breakeven for this client is $0.80/Bk., it is clear that we will proceed with NaviStone reactivation as a routine of our circulation management with this client.  We will periodically send the remaining records to the co-ops.   By identifying the active browsers in the older buyer segments, we can continue to refine the mailing decisions on these usually marginal housefile segments.

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