Reactivating Buyers Using Online Behavior

At CohereOne, we are always willing to test (judiciously of course) just about any new Co-Op Model or other form of behavioral technology that comes our way. For the past two years, we have repeatedly tested NaviStone website visitor tracking data as an enhancement to our typical Co-Op Optimization or reactivation modeling of lapsed buyers. The following data is the result of a test conducted during the fourth quarter, 2016, using the NaviStone reactivation product.

For the mailer below, we took the entire pool of lapsed 25+ month buyers (558,313 total) and sent them to NaviStone for scoring. Segment 1 and 2 groups consists of the most active browsers down to the least active in segments 3-5. The balance of remaining records with NO browsing activity were sent to a Co-Op for Optimization. It makes sense that there are so few ‘active’ Segment 1 web browsers in the 25+ month group. After all, if they were so active, they would be in the 12-month buyer file! But clearly there are some folks that are consistent visitors to the website that should be prioritized to receive a catalog contact.

We consider the NaviStone segments one and two as ‘must mail’ based on successful tests with other mailers. Those in segments 1 and 2 not only visited the client’s site, usually more than once, but likely were on the site for longer periods with multiple page views (all the secret sauce that goes into the NaviStone score). Segment 3 – 5 are those individuals who have browsing behavior but lower scores.

The first two segments of NaviStone modeled lapsed buyers indexed well above the average, while browsers in segments 3 – 5 performed slightly under the Co-Op reactivated buyers. Based on these results, we will continue to mail NaviStone segments 1 and 2 and work with NaviStone on a retest of segment 3 only to see if we can expand the reactivation universe. We will also continue to use Co-Op optimization for names not identified by NaviStone.

Since these results are consistent with the tests of NaviStone we have conducted with other clients, we will continue to use NaviStone’s web browser modeling as a standard reactivation tool in addition to our traditional use of Co-Op reactivation which is based on buying behavior variables only. Of course, we are always open to testing the next new idea that comes our way (judiciously of course!)

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