Strengthening and integrating your catalog, print and digital program is critical important in today’s marketing toolchest.  CohereOne is the only agency utilizing and leveraging these channels to help our customer grow, increase revenue and reduce expense.  The key to our marketing approach:

• We have strengthened our partnership with NaviStone and 4Cite to provide the most highly responsive prospect audience of any of the prospect universes we mail for our clients. NaviStone and 4Cite have significantly improved their modeling allowing for an increase in the universe of responsive prospects or the reactivation of older house names.

• We fully manage the postcard/direct-mail retargeting of abandoned cart/browse powered by NaviStone and Boomerang (LS Direct/4Cite) that has been successful in multiple tests we have conducted to give a high return on investment. We are finding this to be a truly powerful direct marketing vehicle, and we’ve seen its ability to increase the success of customer acquisition, customer reactivation, and customer engagement programs.

• We are continuing to test and fully manage the use of social media advertising (primarily Facebook) to those to whom a catalog is mailed; so far results are positive.

• We are beginning to test a new universe of prospects – the name and addresses of those who are “followers” of both the client and any of the client’s competitors on Twitter. While the universe of names is relatively small, the names may be highly responsive.

• Of course, we continue to review the performance of email and client’s websites to assure that they are supportive of mailings and optimized to convert visitors to customers. If more expertise is needed in any aspect of your digital program, we have the experts on our team.

It’s clear that tectonic plates are moving in interesting ways, and these shifts favor digitally-savvy consumers and brands.  We are well prepared to help you manage this maze efficiently and effectively. If you would like to work with us, we would love to talk to you to determine if we are the right partner to help you make your business even more successful.  Please contact us or call 415.322.6986.