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Tim serves CohereOne as President/CEO, and is a hands-on, executive-level marketer with extensive experience in strategy development and execution; direct, digital, and multichannel marketing; enterprise-wide P&L management; and operations and product development. Tim gets the “big picture” and possesses an established performance record and expertise in both marketing and operations for both domestic and international markets.

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Proactive Steps for Your Marketing Plans

A serious and unprecedented pandemic calls for calm, reason, and realism. As leaders, it’s essential to remember that engaging in contingency planning and caring for our clients and employees should be our top priority. As global events continue to unfold, we felt it essential to gather our thought leaders together to guide and advise appropriate Read More Proactive Steps for Your Marketing Plans

What Lessons Can the Modern CEO Learn from Julius Caesar?

I have a confession. I am absolutely fascinated by all-things history. It’s an unquenchable thirst–my wife calls this a compulsion–but whatever. To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to. Those who know me understand studying ancient Greek and Roman civilizations is one of my great passions.  However, what may not be as clear to the casual observer is why this period Read More What Lessons Can the Modern CEO Learn from Julius Caesar?

Are You a Savvy Retail Marketer?

Sophisticated Print Traveling the country, attending conferences, as well as speaking with clients and colleagues, I’m hearing a common refrain relating to catalog and direct mail: The pendulum is swinging back towards print. While it’s true more brands are finding new ROI opportunities from incorporating direct mail and catalog into the modern marketing mix, I Read More Are You a Savvy Retail Marketer?

What Lies Ahead for 2018

2018 is going to be a transformative and disruptive year. It’s clear that tectonic plates are moving in interesting ways, and these shifts favor digitally-savvy consumers and brands. Furthermore, unprecedented levels of new retail and technology startup activity flooding the market underscores the reality of today’s disruption economy. Industries that have operated in predictable fashion Read More What Lies Ahead for 2018