3 Statistics-Based Reasons to Make Your Website Responsive

1. Your desktop visitors are disappearing.

How many of you have seen a chart where every year a few more of your desktop visitors get replaced by more visits on a mobile device? Ok…let’s be accurate…your desktop visitors are getting replaced by smartphones. This phenomenon is occurring across our client base and is very consistent over the past few years.

2. 72% of Americans, according to the Pew Research Center have a smartphone as of February 2016 and that rate continues to climb year-to-year.

Source: Pew Research Center
3. You can improve your funnel at every level, increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

The data you see below is for a client who had us implement a responsive design last year on their site. After the site launched we used our funnel statistics to make targeted improvements to the cart and checkout process. The results have shown significant improvement in cart abandonment rates AND conversion rates versus the prior year.

With Smartphone usage continuing to rise and the Search Engine’s efforts to reward mobile friendly sites and minimize the impact of the mobile unfriendly, it is past time to make your site responsive. The statistics don’t lie…customers are going mobile in a big way and your site needs to be ready for them so they don’t go to your competitor’s site or one of the marketplace

Once you go responsive (or if you already have a responsive site) then you’re ready to begin optimizing the site for improved performance.

Consider each step in the buying funnel by tracking performance and the movement of your customers through that funnel.  Study the process and learn where the pitfalls are and fix them just like you would on your desktop view, because as the traffic numbers continue to grow on mobile, your overall conversion rate continues to fall…and maybe your profits.

In an upcoming post I will focus on some tips and tricks that you can use to optimize the rendering of mobile/smartphone pages at each stage in the funnel.

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