Travis Seaton

Senior Vice President, Strategic Services

Travis Seaton is the Vice President of Client Services. He is responsible for delivering and managing the marketing functions for a retained group of clients in the apparel, home décor, housewares, automobile, and consumer goods industries. Travis brings years of experience to the firm including multiple marketing database builds, circulation planning, and coordinating catalog, retail and internet marketing programs. His expertise developed from working both on the client and consulting side, having worked at at Merkle, LENSER, Smith & Hawken, and the American List Counsel.

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A Game Changer in Customer Reactivation

As many of us know, it’s easier and more profitable to reactivate a lapsed customer than trying to gain a new one, whether through digital, postal or retail. There are many techniques that are deployed in order to identity the proper audiences in the offline world, such as RFM+ segmentation and optimization, or modeling through Read More A Game Changer in Customer Reactivation

The Last Step for Success

In the last two blogs written by Michelle Houston, she covered the importance of using Contribution Per Order (CPO), instead of ROAS when evaluating the performance of marketing programs. At the end of one of those blogs, she talked about the importance of also assessing and understanding the significance of lifetime value (LTV) as part Read More The Last Step for Success

Print is the New Digital Champion – Part II

In the last blog post written by my colleague, Michelle Houston, she demonstrated the symbiotic relationship that postal retargeting shares with digital marketing. She also articulated why it’s vitally important to integrate postal retargeting into the marketing mix. I couldn’t agree more. I wanted to continue on that thread of print being a digital champion Read More Print is the New Digital Champion – Part II

Importance of Proper Testing and Evaluation

Recently at the CohereOne Marketing Summit during the pre-conference intensive, we reviewed direct mail testing ideas, how to properly set them up, and how to accurately evaluate the results. During a portion of the presentation revolving around how to properly read the results of a test, I noticed many people in the audience looking wide-eyed Read More Importance of Proper Testing and Evaluation