About CohereOne

CohereOne is a full service digital and direct marketing company with one purpose: to help our clients win. Five members of our team have been CEOs of large, successful direct to consumer and/or B2B businesses, so we bring a perspective that most “marketing” companies do not.

We combine vast practical experience with talented staff, intelligent tools, analyses and insights to help our clients’ drive winning marketing and merchandising strategies.

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Introducing NaviStone®

NaviStone® adds the power of intent – digital browsing behavior, to traditional transaction history to improve your direct marketing program productivity by 10-15%.  NaviStone® also identifies new prospects who have “raised their hand” by visiting your website to learn about your products and services.

Traditional direct marketing contact strategies are driven entirely by past purchase behavior.  As that data ages, it becomes less predictive of future responsiveness.  NaviStone® enhances traditional transaction history by providing recent digital browsing behavior as a new planning variable.

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4 Ways Operating on Auto Pilot is Weakening Your Performance

Often times we get caught up in focusing our attention on the next “big thing.” It’s human nature and completely justified as we continually search for that silver bullet or walk-off home run for our businesses. While searching for this next big thing, we often put other programs or processes on auto pilot, and sometimes that plan can fail. The intent of this blog is to challenge ourselves to review the processes in place, with regard to merge/purge, to make sure the basic best practice is still intact. De-duplication: Most service bureaus now have the ability to custom tailor household …

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