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Marketing Partner

Robert Cameron, Partner, has been practicing B2B direct marketing for 30 years. He has held senior marketing positions with many of the leading direct marketers including New Pig, JJ Keller, GNeil, and Seton Identification. He has successfully led company transformations from legacy catalogers to multi-channel marketers. As a strong marketing strategist he has led innovative changes to integrated marketing programs and how to deal with the complexity of measuring ROI in the complex omnichannel environment. He is an advocate of strong brand management and delivering consistent messaging in acquisition, retention, and reactivation campaigns, achieving consistent growth.

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A View from the Marketing Trenches – “C’mon Man!”

For those of you who follow NFL on ESPN, they started doing segments where the commentators show a clip from the past week where a player often is caught doing a really dumb thing, followed by the expression, “c’mon man!” In my thirty years of direct marketing, I have witnessed some legendary mistakes, goof ups, Read More A View from the Marketing Trenches – “C’mon Man!”