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George Mollo, CohereOne Partner, is a 35+ year veteran of the retail, wholesale and direct marketing industries. He has held senior executive positions in Sak’s Fifth Avenue, J. Crew, Inc., Disney Direct, Genesis Direct and Lillian Vernon Corporation before starting his consulting business in 2000 and becoming a Partner at CohereOne in 2014. He is a well-respected industry expert on merchandise analysis, planning, and inventory management. His down-to-earth approach on how to optimize merchandise categories, SKUs, sales, advertising, etc. and his usable tools make him a valuable resource for any direct marketer. His approach incudes the integrated departmental processes necessary to improve results. If it’s in the numbers…George will help you find it!

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Holiday Checklist for Success

‘Twas the months before Christmas… The holidays are right around the corner, and a retailer’s success is tied to how well they planned the entire year leading up to those hectic weeks. Regardless of how you reach your customers, having a planning checklist will help to ensure your company is prepared for the unexpected situation Read More Holiday Checklist for Success

It’s All About the Product!

Last month I attended the NEMOA (National eTailing and Mailing Organization of America) conference in Boston. They celebrated their 70th anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment for a conference these days. Like most marketing conferences today the sessions focused heavily on email, digital, and social marketing. The final session included panelists sharing their ideas on Read More It’s All About the Product!

KPIs Are Critical to Successful Merchandising and Inventory Management

Every business needs to monitor key metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can easily be measured yet can quickly provide the overall direction of where the company is going, or if a part of the business may be going astray. KPIs are merely a way to separate the “winners” from the “try agains;” and Read More KPIs Are Critical to Successful Merchandising and Inventory Management

A Simple Secret to be a Successful Merchant

What makes a successful merchant? Creativity? Brand awareness? Strong analytics skills? Or perhaps simply luck? While I am sure luck plays into any situation, it is the combination of the other factors that determines a merchant’s success. Although I am not a merchant in the creative sense of the word (I joke that I find Read More A Simple Secret to be a Successful Merchant