Bill Nicolai

Board Member

Bill Nicolai, Board Member, is a well-known marketing entrepreneur and innovator. He co-founded Good Catalog Company in 1992, grew it to over $25 million before selling it to Readers Digest and then expanded their direct division by starting Bill joined the Marketing services firm, LENSER in 2000 as Senior Partner and has been continuously associated with that firm which was the predecessor of CohereOne. Recently he has been managing design and implementation of web sites, email programs, direct mail creative & circulation, and integrated contact strategies for several noted brands. He has had success in applying his innovative data related marketing techniques at Dover Saddlery, Hammer Nutrition, Christian Brands and Olive & Cocoa.  He serves as a business advisor to CohereOne and Navistone; both firms are noted for supplying cutting edge services and data solutions to the direct selling industry. Bill has a graduate degree from the Harvard School of Business. He is an investor and serves on the Board of Directors of CohereOne.

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