Strategic Audits

Knowing where you are now is critical to getting where you want to go. In digital, catalog and direct marketing, especially in this fast-changing marketplace, marketing strategies must begin with a thorough audit to discover where strengths and weaknesses lie.

CohereOne conducts strategic marketing audits to determine where digital/direct marketing companies stand in terms of catalog/direct mail circulation, email and digital marketing efficacy. These audits provide valuable information that can lead to enhanced RFM+ circulation management for audience development, new ways to profit from digital marketing, methods for maintaining the right merchandising mix as well as optimum inventory levels and secrets to stronger digital and direct marketing campaigns.

When we review marketing programs, we almost always uncover major opportunities in savings or revenue.  Audits provide an understanding of customer channel behavior that is key to our cost-effective contact strategies using catalog, print, postcards and digital media.  These audits include:

Catalog Circulation Audit

Find powerful circulation management enhancements with a Catalog Circulation Strategic Marketing Audit More Details >

Digital Marketing Audit

Harness more Web power with a CohereOne Digital Marketing Audit More Details >

Success depends on integrating catalogs and direct mail with digital media: email, advertising and social. We assist you to execute each step along the path to success.

In this fast-paced and ever-changing economy, consider working with CohereOne to conduct a cost-effective strategic marketing review to know where you stand in terms of the efficacy of your strategies.  Please contact us or call 415.322.6986.