Webbula provides industry-leading solutions for marketers that rely on email and data quality to drive sales, communicate with customers, and positively impact revenue. Webbula has built the world’s most comprehensive email threat identification system. Since 2009, our technology and world-class partner ecosystem has enabled us to provide sophisticated multi-channel solutions to our clients via our industry-leading multi-method email hygiene, data appending, and audience targeting solutions for marketers of all sizes and industries. Our cloudHygiene platform goes beyond verification and identifies harmful active emails like moles, trackers, and disposable domains in addition to over 189+ MM traps, via our exclusive relationship with the world’s largest Honey Pot purveyor. Identifying inactive emails, such as bounces and greylistings, using real-time lookup with no cached data. Webbula’s accurate data aggregation of over 340 MM email addresses translates into 240+ MM cookies and 130+ MM mobile IDs in the ad serving space, including automotive, demographic, and attributive data points for online audience targeting with insightData.

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