Marketing Database Development

Deciding to build a direct marketing database is difficult enough. Actually putting a reliable one together is harder still. Short-term solutions are no answer. You need a database that will serve you well for the long term. Yet these important resources remain largely untapped. Because of the vast amount of data available, complexity of reporting and inability to get digestible information, many databases are underutilized.

Over the years, CohereOne has guided and/or transitioned many marketing databases for our clients. You can rely on CohereOne’s knowledge of the procedures, data elements, quality control and reporting needed for a successful build. The CohereOne team can assist and consult at many levels to ensure a successful launch and a continued high level of performance.  CohereOne knows how to break through “paralysis by analysis” by creating specific reporting dashboards and analyses. These tools are relevant for every level within an organization and easily digestible, so they are readily available to guide business decisions.

Besides providing the standard reporting, CohereOne offers expertise in determining relevant company-specific data and developing unique reporting templates to help you make informed business decisions across all channels and mediums. Often, this reporting drives changes in audience creation, which can be culled directly from the database.

CohereOne provides these database management services to many clients on a day-to-day basis. Get started tapping your database power today.

If you would like to work with us, we would love to talk to you to determine if we are the right partner to help you make your business even more successful.  Please contact us or call 415.322.6986.