Catalog Circulation Assessment

CohereOne alone delivers integrated media campaigns to drive higher sales, profits, and growth based on the customer’s transactional and digital behavior.  Alone or as part of a larger CohereOne Strategic Marketing Assessment, your Catalog Circulation Opportunity Assessment will focus on areas where the latest thinking and technology can do the most good. The CohereOne circulation team brings more than 20 years of experience to the task. We are innovative, experienced and passionate about our client’s success!

Your Catalog Circulation Opportunity Assessment consultant will help you:

  • Incorporate email browsing behavior into an effective scoring model
  • Use “intent-based” digital browsing behavior to deliver 10-15% better results than traditional RFM-based methodologies
  • Develop a full-year plan to ensure that mailings (catalog and other print media) are integrated into your overall contact strategy
  • Attain the highest levels of address hygiene to reduce waste
  • Develop multi-segmentation for higher-response mailings

Based on the catalog circulation opportunity assessment, many clients choose to use CohereOne for their outsourced marketing department in order to manage the sophisticated day-to-day needs of catalog circulation.  In this role, we provide the following serves:

  • Determine the role of catalog and other digital programs to understand each channel contribution
  • Evaluate the incremental value of the catalog and how this relates to all channels
  • Optimize seasonal customer contacts
  • Incorporate promotional and other tests using best in practice methods using proper A/B testing methodologies
  • Increase customer retention and reactivation using purchase and web behavior
  • Create cost effective acquisition programs and review efficacy of each channel acquisition
  • Strengthen customer acquisition programs using cooperative databases and intent marketing
  • Craft detailed merge instructions specifying segmentation and priorities in the merge to identify the interaction between different groups of names
  • Provide other data services, modeling, analytics and reporting as needed

If you would like to work with us, we would love to talk to you to determine if we are the right partner to help you make your business even more successful.  Please contact us or call 415.322.6986.