Times have changed.  Understanding data has changed.  It is more complex than ever.

While data is important, data means nothing without analysis and interpretation.  Focusing on the right information by asking what’s important to the business is a key point in obtaining better data context. Our experts understand the dynamics of direct marketing and provide insights that only a seasoned eye can perceive. We are looking for the data that tells us there’s a problem or that tells us there’s an opportunity. We structure testing and provide response analysis that powers a continuing cycle of marketing improvement.  We help you create the right KPIs that allow you to better manage your business across all marketing media.

In a nutshell, analyzing various data streams and correlating them through powerful analytics will amplify bottom line results. First, we will analyze your housefile which is perhaps your most important asset. To get the most from your file, you need a level of expertise that might not be available in-house. That’s’ where CohereOne comes in.  CohereOne offers the services of consultants with the ability to help you make use of the metrics required to:

• Understand the customer’s lifetime value (LTV)
• Determine the cost of acquisition by promotion source
• Identify the best marketing mix
• Implement productive data mining to improve performance

Second, we will look at your media mix contribution and determine the best channels to invest.  Every marketing channel works with all the other marketing channels. They aren’t separate silos. They’re more like interconnected parts of a system. It’s important to view them holistically.  CohereOne has the expertise to help you navigate these challenges and identify the proper marketing allocation to maximize the value of your business

Third and lastly, a well thought out contact strategy is the final glue that binds a well-rounded marketing plan.  This plan helps you set your marketing on the right course to make your company’s business goals a reality. Think of it as a high-level plan that guides the direction of your team’s campaigns, goals, and growth.

If you would like to work with us, we would love to talk to you to determine if we are the right partner to help you make your business even more successful.  Please contact us or call 415.322.6986.